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Wow! Pejam celik je dah ujung tahun . It's really sad to leave another year behind , bcoz that mean that I'm getting a YEAR OLDER ! NOOO ! Well back to the post , it's really hard to leave this year becoz 2010 thought me a lot .
Believe it or not 201o makes me grow mature , teaches me how to be a better person . Also forced me to make a decision that I can never think off ! Many challenges , sadness , getting ill , also ! unlimited Happiness . Making New Friends and discover true love ! Haha . 2010 is all about Friends , Laugh and Love ! and I hope 2011 will get even better ! Along with a newer ME!

ISH! !!

I'm pissed off ryte now ! What the HECK with this Internet ! I couldn't open the facebook only the BLOGGER ! OPEN LA !! OPEN LA !! Wait ! wait ! maybe it needs a secret password ! let me try 'Yat yin son matek aji semarti seng !' Atoi ! ta mou jugak bukak nye mende alah ineyh ! Maybe other password 'adacadabra' Nope ! not working ! WHAT's GOIN ONN ! URGH !!! HELLL NO !!

OHHO !!!!

Wah just now una online
and chatted with my sis cousin, Kak Syafiqah.
She told Una that his lil brother
had an ACCIDENT.
He broke his arm,
Nitemare !
I hope he'll get better soon !
Muhammad Nor Akmal bin Hambran.
15 years old.
Get Well Soon Lil Bro !

That's Akmal with our niece Kasih !

SHE's UNA !!

The other day !
Umi told emak and abah that she loves to hear
when me and Una sings a duet !
it's beause Husna knows how to
WAH !! haha !!
Also the other day she wrote
all about fitriah !
becoz I love to talk about my frenz to her .
She remember every single things that I told her !
Haha !

Rain Make Me SMILEY !!

Yesterday ,
It was raining Cats and Dogs .
Me and Una was watching
Twilight Saga : Eclipse ,
and suddenly it started to rain .
B'coz rain makes me HAPPY !
Soo Soo Soo Happy !
so I climbed up to my room and
sat in front of the verandah door

The Rain tempias terkena kat ME .
Suddenly ,
verandah tu Full with water ,
coz the draining system was cloged ,
Untuk menggelakkan kebanjiran ,
I have to UN-cloged the drainage .


The Same

Our Life ?
Not Much Differ
There's always Ups and Downs
Sometime we might get what we want
sometime it remain a dream
Everybody have Hearts and feelings
We are all the same
allthough our way of LIFE is differ
we're still the same

:) Make her SMILE !

Everytime I look in your eyes,
I could see the blue ocean.
Your Lips that I adore,
It is red as a rose blooming.
Your cheek,
it made me go crazy.
Your Hands,
I hope I could touch 'em.

to top all of these
That's what matter to me.
That beautiful heart that I couldn't see or touch.

These words might be Clishe to you,
eventhough you've heard this a million time,
this one I dedicate just for you,
From the bottom of my heart.

Result Jahanam !!

HEY KAU !! , time kau tak datang aku tunggu - tunggu kau . Bila dah dapat aku rasa nak mengHAMOK je . Geram nya aku !! Kenapa la kau datang ! Kenapa la aku mengundang kedatangan kau !! Masalahnye kalau result HEBAD SANGAT aku tak kesa la kau datang WAHAI RESULT yang terJAHANAM ! Wah !! GERAM !! BENGANG !! GERAM !! TAK PE !! TAK PE !! Masih ada masa en ?? sooo kne concentrate ye ... haha .


Huhuhu! kesian dekat Bear Ash!
Hari tu, Alysha eats Chocolate while hugging bear Ash!
da tu habis melekat warna coklat kat Bear Ash!
Dirty nye!!
Nak basuh tapi tak tahu mcm mana nak basuh dia.
Kalau masukkan dalam washing machine takut dia senget benget nanti.
Dok la fikir cam mana nak mandikan oversize bear tuu~
Dekat 2 minggu peluk Bear Ash yang melekit - lekit tu.
Cam mana nak buat neyh, dah tu hari ni nekad gak!
Mandi kan Bear Ash pakai Washing Machine.
Washing Machine kat bilik Iman tu kecil sikit.
So, I thought nak wash dalam Umi's washing machine.
Last skali basuh je la dalam washing machine yang kecil tu.
Sedih betul!!
Masukkan dia kat dalam tub tu da tu tengok dia berpusing - pusing.
Itu pun sekejap je, lepas tu Iman keluarkan balik.
Punyalah berat!! dengan air semua! Huhu!
sedihnya tengok Bear Ash macam tu.
Lekas - lekas masukkan kat dalam dryer tub.
Haha !
Muat pulak tuu~
Berpusing - pusing dia kat dalam tu.
Habis je pusing Iman keluarkan balik.
Huuu~ dah ringan, air semua dah keluar.
Dah tu tinggalkan dia dekat panas.
KESIAN NYE!! Tak sampai hati Iman.
Dok tunggu dia kat tempat redup pandang je BEAR ASH!
tunggu Dia KERINGGG!! Haha!
Tengok dia dah kering, wangi, bersih pulak tuu~ haha.
Sukanya! dah bersih dah, tak de dah warna coklat dan tak melekit pulak tu!

Di tinggal di tengah Panas untuk dikeringkan
Keringkan bahagian bawah heart tuu~

Gaga is Ryte !

"People won't stop talking
no matter how we try to stop them.
SO! Let's give them something to talk about !" -

Lady Gaga.

Itu memang betul, Manusia memang suka bercakap, setiap hari ada sahaja yang nak digosipkan. Kalau cakap benda yang betul tak apa ni benda yang direka, kalau betul pun kenapa nak sibuk. Orang tu ganggu anda ke? kalau ye teruskan bergosip kalau tak JANGAN!! Kalau nak bergosip sekali un jangan la mereka cerita, cerita benda yang betul laaaa. Pergi amek tahu hidup orang lain utuk mendapatkan CERITA YANG BETUL. Korang kne jadi QUIDNUNC! Faham tak maksudnye? tak faham? nuh tekan kat LINK ni, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/quidnunc
Kita2 yang asyik kne gosipkan kalau dah tak tahan sangat endahkan mereka ni! Bak kata GAGA if they want stories, we give them sories?? UKE!! Haha...

Masak ! Masak ! Masak !

venue : Umi's Place
Time : Afternoon

So, Umi and Boss went to work.
Umi skip lunch break,
instead coming home she have to finished up
her work at office.
My sibling was really hungry and so I put up my skill to the test!
I cooked them my special recipe,

So today!
I'm gonna share with you my recipe.
so all you need is

Maggi Cukup Rasa - 0ptional
Halal Chicken Dim Sum - optional

Instead of Halal Dim Sum you can replace it with
sausages, minched beef or any other meat product

1. break the egg and put in inside a bowl.

2. minch the cheese and put it inside the bowl

Just like this !

3. Cut the dim sum and again put it inside the bowl

Like this !

4. Heat the pan over a slow fire !

Like This !

Slow fire like this !

5. Put in the butter! and watch it melt! HAHA!
Look! the Butter is melting ! haha

6. Pour the ingridient into the pan
7. wait untill the omellete start to fry
8. Then flip it, and let the other side fry
9. after finished fry the omelette

Hanis said !

Career Choice ?

What am i gonna be when i grow up ?
Next year i'm gonna be sitting for SPM.
After that ?
what I'll be doing ?
HELP !!!
I'm on a sinking boat - whatever that's mean !

My planning at first was signing up to UiTM for Science in Media.
However, Shah Alam is soo far from Home !
So I googled for IPTA around Kuala Lumpur
and there's not much in KL

Boss saw me googling suddenly he asked
What proggrame will I enter,
After telling him about Science in Media and how I wanna be a
He ask me to look for other career,
something that's more professional.

And now I'm tangled !
haha . haha . haha .
What should I do ?!
I took a career test this morning and
the result says that I am an administrator.

Here the result from SimilarMind.com
You are an Administrator, possible professions include -
government employee, pharmaceutical sales,
auditor, computer analyst, technical trainer,
project manager, officer manager, factory supervisor,
credit analyst, electrical engineer, stockbroker,
regulatory compliance officer, chief information officer,
construction worker, general contractor,
paralegal, industrial engineer, budget analyst, data base manager,
funeral director, cook, security guard, dentist.



Recently, my boy - Iyad - installed a new game on his PSP, It's The Sims 2. At first I only watched when he plays the game later I tried it and now it's my favourite GAME ! I actually snatched away the PSP from him in order to play the game !!

I know !!

My phone is out of credit, he texted me couples of time but I can't reply those messages. But he texted Una and asked why didn't I reply his messages, and Una told him I have not credit. But he still text me.

Him : Hi, boleh berkenalan?

(Ketara sangat dah borink ! sampai ayat un da tak betul)

He sent this message on 2nd of december, 4:28 pm. Poor him , got no cred so relax eyh . Haha. I read the text out loud so that mother would hear. Mother was like , "Haha, poor him,"

Him : Assalamualaikum, y xbls?
ada masalah ke ??? or (HIM) yang masalahnye ....

(haha , betul2 borink . dah mula missing la neyh ! Haha)

He sent this messages on 3rd of december, 4:57 pm. I was busy sewing my Baju Kurung and I didn't realize he texted me untill it was around 7 pm. I checked my phone and there was his message. Again I read this messages to mother.

Mother : Ouh , poor him , go use your father phone and reply his message.
Me : WHAT?! NO!
Mother : Come on, GO !
Me : No way! Una already told him I have no cred.
Mother : What ever! You gonna REGRET it.

I look at mother and I searched for pop's phone. But it was with him, quickly I used Una's phone to text him. Mother look at me and giggled. Later I text him and after maghrib he called. It was really funny talking to him. I don't know why, una was really annoying. she stormed into the room while I was talking to him and she was really disturbing. After the call, I went out to the living room and mother stared at me , "GEDIK!" mother said.

p/s: ktorang bkn ade ap2 un just scandal je . haha . :D sesape yang bce niy and ta puas hati, bule tolong nia ta ? tolong simpan je dlm hati tu . ta yah nak keco2 crita kat org len . Nia ta kaco korunk un . Sorry eyh ayt agak kasar . Nia ta nak ada mslh nun sesapa . Kalau ta suke Nia mcm neyh nanti dtg jumpa nun Nia eyh . Gtaw dpn2 baru puas hati . haha . nway thank you sbb sudi baca blog Nia . Nia taw la korunk syg Nia sbenarnye en . Haha . Tolong eyh ta yah keco ! SHHH ! :D

Believe me ??

Hye You !
Your the new gilrFRIEND
the hottest amongs the HOTTIE
Thank You for believing in me .
I'm gonna keep your secret forever after
hey sam ! I sayang kat You as my BestFriend !
Nanti kita hang out ye !

OH ! and bcoz of u girl my guitar camp became
I'm ur Kak Long kan ... haha ...
Thank YOU !


Fitriah , aku baru dapat online and aku baru dapat bkk blog kau . Aku sayang kau lah weyh , so i'll do anything to make u happy . as long as u happy i will be happy to . untuk dye yang menyakitkan hati kawan aku ni akan aku lempang2 , sepak terajang , and make you sengasara sampai kawan aku neyh happy gile2 !! Just for you Fit and the rest of the PAUs . Fit remember this , kalau boys cakap bunga bukan sekuntum , girls cakap bla ar , ingat kau je ke kumbang kat sini !! en ? en ? en ? aku petik je jari belambak dtg , tapi utk fit la bkn utk aku . aku da ada dah (love you la ASH) . ahaks ahaks ahaks . I love you guys la weyy ! Rindu korg la ! Kiss ! Kiss ! Muah ! Muah !

... new lilypie ticker ...

Hey , do you notice the new gadget I put up there ? It's a ticker , That Ticker count all the time we've been together . From the first time you tell me you sayang kat me untill today . I hope we will be together till the end of our time ! ILY ! 143 ! haha .

1Oo0 Guitar Performance

Malaysia Inovatif 2010
Largest Guitar Performance
ME !!!!!
at first there's 5 girls
but then it increase up to 7 of us .
boys ??
i'm not sure how much they count
There's ,
ME - Nia : the HOTTIE
Una : the YUNA
Aina : the SMILEY
Yaya : the AWESOME
Yuyu : the ROCKER
Nani : the CHICK
that's us .
we met and became friends here
in this camp at UKM , Bangi .
Kami menginap di hostel Kolej Ibrahim Yaakub
Nia share room with Una .
Room number 405
thanks kat akak yang memiliki bilik ni ye
sbb sudi kasi pinjam bilik .
haha :D
After registration
we were tested to be grouped
Nia n Una : Gitar 4
Sam , Yaya , Aina , Yuyu : gitar 5
Nani : gitar 3
I play the Yamaha Folk Guitar , F310
Una play Yamaha Classical Guitar , C4o
the best CAMP EVER !!! YEAY !!!
I'm gonna miss you guys !!

from the left Aina , Una , Nia , Yaya , Sam

Nia and Aina !

Nia and Una !

Nia and Yaya !

Nia and Sam !

Nia and Yuyu !

Nia , Sam , Nani !

Nia with the boys !

Just me !

Aina ! Una ! Yaya ! Sam ! Yuyu ! Nani ! Aina ! Una ! Yaya ! Sam ! Yuyu ! Nani !

Cemburu nya saya!!

tadi saya jalan-jalan kat KLCC
skali saya nampak dia ...
saya jelous betul dekat dia ...
saya boleh bayangkan kalau awak usha usha dia
CEMBURU nya saya!!
taw la,
kulit dia putih , seputih salju ,
blouse yang dia pakai , mahal dan cantik pulak tu ,
seluar dia , seluar jeans warna biru , cantik sungguh ,
pulak tu , dia tak bertudung ,
awak boleh usap-usap rambut dia ,
awak boleh belai dia
saya tak setanding dia ,
kalau dengan saya ada batas ,
saya tak pakai blouse mahal n cantik macam dia,
saya tak pakai seluar jeans tu , seluar slack je ,
rambut saya tak kelihatan , macam mana nak tahu saya cantik ke tak kan??
awak nak ke kat dia ,
jap saya cakap kat
PATUNG PARKSON tu awak minat kat dia ...

Q and A!

remember my older post
the one entitled BEST FRIENDS?
the Q : can guy and gal be bestfriends?
well based on Teori Lucu - Wani ardy
YES! guys can be bestfriends with a girl.
But according to my experience,
a boy can never be bestfriends with a girl
at the end
either one of them will fall for one of them...
Haha , yup2 ...


taw ta PAU2 CUTIE tu ape?
haha . tu la nama genk kamey
ANI - red faced PAU
CHOPPA - peacemaker PAU
AJA - New Flavour PAU
AMNi - K-pop Lover PAU
MURNI - Add Math Solver PAU
ANES - Bikini Up-Top PAU
EQLIMA - The Blacken PAU
NIA - Music Maker PAU
kisahnye, Iman borink2 tyme periksa
dah tu ade paper kosong lebih and so
Iman u start doodle
lukis2 macam orang bodo
da tu lukis gambar PAU!
n this PAU Iman wat ada watak our genk
Kami namakan mereka PAU2 CUTIE
happy sesama,,
sdey sesame,,
gelak sesame,,
steam un sesame..


Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

You were in college, working part-time, waiting tables
Left a small town and never looked back
I was a flight risk, afraid of fallin’
Wondering why we bother with love, if it never lasts

I say, “Can you believe it?”
As we’re lyin’ on the couch
The moment, I can see it
Yes, yes, I can see it now

Do you remember, we were sittin’ there, by the water?
You put your arm around me for the fist time
You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine

Flash forward, and we’re takin’ on the world together
And there’s a drawer of my things at your place
You learn my secrets and figure out why I’m guarded
You say we’ll never make my parents’ mistakes

But we got bills to pay
We got nothin’ figured out
When it was hard to take
Yes, yes

This is what I thought about:

Do you remember, we were sittin’ there, by the water?
You put your arm around me for the fist time
You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine

Do you remember all the city lights on the water?
You saw me start to believe for the first time
You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine

Oh, oh, oh, oh

And I remember that fight, two-thirty AM
You said everything was slipping right out of our hands
I ran out, crying, and you followed me out into the street

Braced myself for the goodbye, cause that’s all I’ve ever known
Then, you took me by surprise
You said, “I’ll never leave you alone.”

You said, “I remember how we felt, sitting by the water.
And every time I look at you, it’s like the first time.
I fell in love with a careless man’s careful daughter.
She is the best thing that’s ever been mine.”

You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine

Do you believe it?
We’re gonna make it now
And I can see it

I can see it now

This is for you!


Shit! I'm crying! Dunno why!
Maybe because it's the end of our f4 year!
GOSH! Lots of change happens to my life!
Saia tetap kawan dengan kawan baik LAMA saya n
saia dapat kawan baik BARU.
Saia jugak hepi sebab jumpa cinta!
dulu saya sakitkan hati Kak Ija pasal cinta dia skunk saia pulak jatuh cinta.
Saia sangat bahagia,
But i don't know why I'm crying like HELL.
Maybe because ...
well ...
why ??
Lately my heart feel really bad,
almost like there's gonna be a bad thing.
I'm almost over Fit desicion but still my heart still aching.
Lebih baik aku Zikrullah , ingat Allah . Subhanallah...

When I'm Gone...

Ajal susah dijangka,
Ajal memFOLLOW kita ke mana kita pergi
Allah menentukan bila tiba ajal kita.
Subhanallah, sesungguhnya kematian itu amat perit
amat sedih kerana ia memisahkan kita dari yang tersayang.
Yall kalau aku dah ta de nanti,
yall jangan sdey aw.
Jgn nangis tapi korang senyum je,
jgn sengih atau gelak golek2.
tapi senyum ikut sunah nabi je.
Merelakan pemergian aku,
kalau aku nampak ade yang menangis meratap kematian aku
or gelak guling-guling atas kubur aku,
aku bangun balik n aku lempang sorang2.
nanti bila aku dah ta de aku nak
korunk wat blog pasal aku
semua cerita pasal aku taw haha.
Pasal keHOTan aku n kebaikan aku
jgn plak korunk tulis pasal habit buruk aku.
Just nak cakap,
Doakan aku,
Ingati aku,
redha kematian aku,
Sayangi aku always,
tak yah la nak ingat all the time nanti tak jadi hidup korunk
just bila angkat tangan nak berdoa tu,
doakan untuk aku.
Aku ta taw lagi bila aku mati,
tapi tulis awal2 mana taw esok aku dah ta de...
ta dapat online ke tak dapat tulis bende ni.
apa-apa un, bila aku dah tak de nanti aku nak
ABIE baca benda ni kat kelas
depan semua orang
sebab abie en COOL
kunk suro dan2 lain baca menangis pulak karang.
haha, ta nak nangis aw.
Bak kata ASH, Senyum!



PAT stands for Peperiksaan Akhir Tahun, End of Year Exam.

Ade beberapa paper da taw results, Nia macam redha je.
Tapi ada sorang bestie Nia ni gila2 sdey pasal results dia.
Nama dia Fitriah, mmg dia sangat sedih pasal result dia sampaikan
amek keputusan nak pindah, WHAT THE DOWH!!
Ko mmg suka buat aku bengang kan! Nak kne penyepak budak ni!
Geram gila!! Kau nak pindah apa bezanya, kalau tak bole ngam lagi susah ko nak belajar
Bodoh la kau ni!! Geramnya aku!! Relax la ada masa lagi utk kita perbaiki kesilapan kita
aku un ade je fail kot? tapi kita kne usaha lagi,
Semua ni terjadi sebab Allah nak ingatkan kita,
Kita kena usaha untuk berjaya, untuk dapatkan keputusan yang cemerlang
tapi janganlah samapai nak pindah school
Bengong la kau! tengok habis aku maki hamun ko kat blog aku!!
tapi tak pe la... kalau kau nak pindah, pindah la.
Kalau kau rasa itu langkah terbaik untuk kau, teruskan.
Kalau kau bahagia, aku un bahagia, sbb aku sayang kau,
Fit terpulang lah pada kau, bila keputusan kau dah muktamad bagi tau aku aw.
FIT AKU SYUNK KO!!! okeyh!!

Feeling Like Sick!

Temperature keep rising!
Getting hotter and hotter.
Feeling really sick while missing him,
text him couple days ago
but he didn't reply
maybe he have somthing to do
but I really miss him.
I lay on my bed and hugged ASH all day long.
I ate tons of Buah Jambu Air,
manis n sedap pulak tu,
Momma says ta pe, makan banyak2 kasi sejuk badan.
borink je, baring je.
Then online, then go to toilet,
Check up pon mcm ta nak check up.
ta pe le...
Feels like dying la... I think I am dying
my kidney hurt a lot!
I'm in Pain! :'(
haha . Miss my friends, my ash, and everyone!

Nia + Una = Aina

Hari Sabtu , 6 November 2010 .
Venue , Wangsa Walk Mall .
Teman Aina beli Jubah for her Asrama Dinner .
B4 that lets go Kareoke .
Wah Bestnye!
Nyanyi Kuat2 .
haha .
The best part is , me n Una list down
stuff that we need however ,
we manage to buy only two out of 7 item listed .
Haha. Bestnye Singing nun Aina!
Haha , Aina ur my lil sis bestfriend
and now she's my bestfriend too .
Haha .
AINA!!! AINA!!!! AINA!!!



Remember my other post?

Eqlima gave me a bear for my birthday right?

Well this time is quite special.

HE gave me a bear.


So sweet, Fitriah and Syaza was really jealous.

At the bear there’s written


He’s so sweet.

He gave it at my house.

He asked me to wait at the bustop near my house

And he arrived later.

He lied to me,

He said he wanna give me a comic book

However he took out a big paper bag and inside

there’s the biggest bear I could ever imagine

getting from him.


He make me hop happily from the bustop to home.


Also there’s a card

At the front he wrote

To : Nur Iman Aqilah (Nia)

From : ASH (Secret la sangat)

Inside he wrote,

Happy birthday to you,

Walaupun dah terlambat dah lebih kurang

dua week dah. ASH harap Iman akan panjang

umur dan ingat orang terSAYANG.

Sorry Teddy bear ni tak besar.

Walhal bapak besar!


I’m so happy!


Hi-Tea! 30.10.2010

Legasi Baju Biru mengadakan acara minum petang pada
: 30 Oktober 2010
: Hotel Putra, Kuala Lumpur
Iman jadi ajk Hadiah
menggantikan Marzuki yang terpaksa ke Indonesia
Memang banyak kerja tapi best ar.
Iman makan tak puas sebab terpaksa ke hulu ke hilir
memastikan semuanya berjalan lancar
adalah makan laksa penang nun fetuchinni and minum air anggur
tak puas gila.
da la pulak tu
nombor cabutan bertuah tak mengena
pulak tu acara tukar hadiah un tak dapat hadiah balik.
ade orang tak bagi hadiah dah tu amek pulak hadiah tukar hadiah
tapi ta pe la.
biar happy je semua.
iman len kali ade lagi INSYALLAH.

Ini Gambar Iman n Choppa.
Bapak buruk gambar ni!! haha.

ni pulak gurls f4 2010
dari kanan gambar,
Hafizah, Sa'adah, Choppa, Atien
yang bawah
Iman n Enny.
Enny bukan Ernie.

yang ni pulak.
Boys form 4.
dari kanan gambar
Mahdi, Amir, Zulqif, Syahir, Aidil, Arieff.
Time ni dorg wat show.
Nasyid ni.
bangga je tengok dorg nasyid

yang ni pulak gambar
AJK hadiah yang membantu Iman
Gambar atas tu ade
Raudhah, Addyana, n Iman.
Yang Bawah ni Gambar
Hasanah, Adibah n Chapatti
Iman nak cakap THANK YOU
sebab tolong Iman.
Trimas Sangat2.
Da la lantik last minute
Mintak maaf taw.

Smart en gambar ni en.
Iman yang sroh dorg wat camnni
yang amek gambar ni
NurFatmah Nabila

Ni special aw.
ta dpt kat tempat len
gambar Iman n Amir
Kelakar en.
Muka iman da ar berminyak.

Ni pun special
Gambar nun Syahir.
Tengok uw.
mmg tak ley bla gile

Ni gambar Iman and Kak Pejah
Best la dia ni
Memahami dan difahami
Kami selalu balik sesame
Next year dia da tade
Nanti Iman lonely gila

Tgk Uw
ade org nak bunuh diri la. Ish3.
Apa la kerja

Kak Ija la ni suruh tunjuk2
Nu Bas dah sampai tak sedar lagi
dok tunjuk2
enta ape ta.

Asal pulak ni?

Gambar nun senior
Kak Ros, Iman n Kak Mira

Yang ni paling special!
Gambar Iman nun Mahdi and Arieff
Tengok Mahdi sempoi je.
Dia ni best ar!

kat dlm bas on the way home
Jom balik
Iman nye posing baik nye
sampai nak tergolek dibuatnye

Ape un
Hari ni memang best sgt2
Iman harap next yaer akan gempak macam ni
Best gila!
Thanks to everyone for everything

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