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I know !!

My phone is out of credit, he texted me couples of time but I can't reply those messages. But he texted Una and asked why didn't I reply his messages, and Una told him I have not credit. But he still text me.

Him : Hi, boleh berkenalan?

(Ketara sangat dah borink ! sampai ayat un da tak betul)

He sent this message on 2nd of december, 4:28 pm. Poor him , got no cred so relax eyh . Haha. I read the text out loud so that mother would hear. Mother was like , "Haha, poor him,"

Him : Assalamualaikum, y xbls?
ada masalah ke ??? or (HIM) yang masalahnye ....

(haha , betul2 borink . dah mula missing la neyh ! Haha)

He sent this messages on 3rd of december, 4:57 pm. I was busy sewing my Baju Kurung and I didn't realize he texted me untill it was around 7 pm. I checked my phone and there was his message. Again I read this messages to mother.

Mother : Ouh , poor him , go use your father phone and reply his message.
Me : WHAT?! NO!
Mother : Come on, GO !
Me : No way! Una already told him I have no cred.
Mother : What ever! You gonna REGRET it.

I look at mother and I searched for pop's phone. But it was with him, quickly I used Una's phone to text him. Mother look at me and giggled. Later I text him and after maghrib he called. It was really funny talking to him. I don't know why, una was really annoying. she stormed into the room while I was talking to him and she was really disturbing. After the call, I went out to the living room and mother stared at me , "GEDIK!" mother said.

p/s: ktorang bkn ade ap2 un just scandal je . haha . :D sesape yang bce niy and ta puas hati, bule tolong nia ta ? tolong simpan je dlm hati tu . ta yah nak keco2 crita kat org len . Nia ta kaco korunk un . Sorry eyh ayt agak kasar . Nia ta nak ada mslh nun sesapa . Kalau ta suke Nia mcm neyh nanti dtg jumpa nun Nia eyh . Gtaw dpn2 baru puas hati . haha . nway thank you sbb sudi baca blog Nia . Nia taw la korunk syg Nia sbenarnye en . Haha . Tolong eyh ta yah keco ! SHHH ! :D

2 thoughts on “I know !!

  1. eleh . eh awak awak , saya tau lahh sejauh mane 'skandal' awak tuh . tayah nak sorok lagi dah . haha patut lah saya text awk tak reply . risau saya smpikan saya terpakse text (HIM) awak tuh nak tnye mane awak hilang . sori ye saya text (HIM) awak . tape kan . kami kawan baik hehe

  2. suka hati awak laa nak text HIM saya tu . Janji jgn overboard da laa . . . hahaha . . saya un kawan baik awak gak en .. hehehe



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