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Could you imagine! Ur in love with this really cool guy but then U lost contact with him.

After school he'll text you but this time he didn't text at all, so u text him instead. However, he didn't answer. U tries to call but he could't come to the phone. WORRY ! by all mean !

Then, U saw him at school U tries to say Hi to him but then he kept distance. AWAY FROM YOU !

U say to urself, "Maybe he's having a problem and needed time to think"

SUDDENLY !!! He left, changed school, away! VANISHED ! GONE !

If that happens, I'd be crying DAY AND NIGHT ! CRYING MY HEART OUT !

3 Years Later, U met him at a restaurant. U ignored Him, not to say Hi or even look at him, but then he came to you and say "OH MY GOD ! IT IS YOU ! I MISS YOU ! HOW R U?"

What would you say??

You Guys Continues bulee ?? In any languange at all . Haha . Malay ka, English ke, but not in tamil or chinesse ? I ta paham. haha .


For GOD SAKE ! I've been really busy with my life lately and it's really hard for me to update my blog or even online for a while.


Kalu nak online kene pegi umah UMI,
ni nak go to Umi's house un ta leyh .

Pegi Umah UMI un hari,
Saturday and sunday.
Bile da busy cannot datang,
cannot online !

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