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Introduction :)

Assalamualaikum and Hi !

Some of you peeps might have already know a thing or two about me. But some, may have just drop by and don't know anything at all. I'm Nia, soon-to-be a Foundation student Graduate.

After the results for SPM Candidates in the year 2011 were announced, I was offered to study Foundation in TESL. The program was under the KPT (Kementerian Pelajaran Tinggi) and we are under the management of UiTM ever since.

It's a year programme, Hmmm. I can't really say a year. It is shorter than that really. After we had finish this program. We will have to further our study in the Bachelor programs. For those who had just finish their SPM and need to fill up your UPU form. I hope this post will come in Handy for you :)

So here goes,

Asasi or Foundation studies is like a fast track study, where you save time when doing your tertiary level study. Instead of studying in Diploma Level(which took about 3 years), you choose Asasi instead to save time(one year program). That's how it works. But Asasi graduate will not be given certificate like Diploma students. That's the risk. It is quite similar to Matriculation, except that Asasi offers other courses too, ie: Asasi TESL, Asasi Sains, Asasi Undang-undang, Asasi Kejuruteraan (these are all Foundations offered in UiTM). You NEED to further you study in the Bachelor Level programs to have certificate to use when applying for jobs later.

When I first received the interview letter, I started to google for everything that I can relate to Asasi TESL. And I stumbled upon a blog that I found really helpful for my incoming interview. PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Frankly speaking, I never really intended on studying TESL in the first place. All of this happens due to I don't really know what to apply for in my tertiary level studies. Asasi TESL was my second choice, I picked it just because it have English in the course name. TESL-- Teaching English as Secondary Language. After reading the Senior blog, I then understands more about TESL.

So there's a bit of Introduction on the Foundation of TESL. Will update soon on GOING TO BE ASASI STUDENT, WHERE'S THE CAMPUS, WHAT WILL WE STUDY IN TESL, and many more. So stay TUNED . ;)

to be continue ...

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